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It’s time to reclaim your sparkle.

Serving humans by
Illuminating Light into the Shadows

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Who have you become?

The resentment. The jealousy. The unmet expectations.

Being a person is demanding.

This season of life is played up in culture and social media as a feminine warrior WITHOUT complaints.

No one talks about the jealousy towards others for having it easier.

Or the exhaustion that plagues you.

Or the daily lack of validation for the hours of “doing” that life seems to require.

Or the emptiness you feel in the disconnect from yourself.

Or the inability to have a sexual interest in your relationship because you are continually running on empty.

Mundane grayness smothers your shimmer.

Let go of the darkness because your light is longing to shine.

You’ve read the self help enlightenment books.

You do yoga. You’ve used the “grin and bear it” axiom for what seems like forever.

The heavy load of unvalidated “doing” is weighing you down.

Like the superhero you are, you could endure. But at what cost?

Getting untangled…

… You are searching for a different way. A different way to perceive. A different way to engage.

Together, we will untangle the thoughts and habits that generate the feeling of separation from your SELF.

We will uncover your misalignments and reclaim your inner balance toward reconnecting to your authentic YOU.

You are worthy.

Your strength and courage are evident in reading this page.

Unlearning old scripts is a warrior’s journey.

We walk together in the unfamiliarity of this new path with attention to profound shifts through subtle aliveness.

You are seen in your beauty in reclaiming your light to shine.

Step into a safe container.

To be raw, unfiltered, and held with a heartfelt connection
toward reigniting your spark.

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Hiya, I’m Dr. Laura.

My personality, in a single word: insightful. I naturally approach living with a dance of questions, kindness, and down-to-earth realness.

This insightfulness brings a sense of effortless comfort to “go there” and speak the unspoken aloud.

I see how you have gotten lost in the daily “doing” to avoid being seen as yourself.

With compassion, we create a safe place to explore the parts that have hardened.

You find a safe place to be seen, heard, and held while experiencing a softening toward appreciating the need to gently mother yourself.

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Ignite your sparkle!

The Universe aligned for you to find this
opportunity to be seen, to reclaim your forgotten
essence, and to return to your innate fullness.

Let us continue your journey toward rediscovering
YOUR illumination.

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