Remote Work

No traffic! No parking hassles.

There is no added anxiety about showing up.

Remote work allows us to “do the work” in our comfort zone.

Much like how kids learn best in their natural environments, so do we.

Peeling back the layers that have contributed to dulling our shimmer requires a safe enough space to “go there.”

When working remotely, you decide where that space is.

“But can you see me?”

With advancing technologies, it appears the Universe is pushing for more and more social distancing. Things like online learning and remote conferences eliminate the tangible, human connection.

However, in situations where we are raw, vulnerable, and asking for help with sh**, we have shamed ourselves for not being able to do it alone; being in your own space is why we can ask for support.

Our work, virtually, allows that ease of connection to vibrate while you are grounded in a safe place, drinking a cappuccino with a box of tissues handy.

Part of the therapeutic connection is just that, the sense of ease we are with one another. If you are already in a state of safety, you are more receptive to the new venture upon which we are about to embark.

Standing offices can’t predict what each person will perceive as inviting, but you have that power within the setting of your choice.

I’m glad you’re here.

Connecting remotely allows me to see you in your natural element and view how you sit, the space you choose, how you decorate, the colors you like.

I get information about you within your space, the one you select. Where you choose to show up tells me more of the story of you. It provides a coloring of the situation that is absent in a setting of my choice.

And vice versa. You can see the things I choose to surround me – artifacts that support me to be that present container for our work together.

Although distant, we can connect in a more personal way. Lens typically only capture the face, so when we speak, we can look directly in each other’s eyes to allow your vulnerability to be held with reverence and sincerity.

I see you; we see each other.

Don’t put off seeking support because of inconveniences that hinder in-person gatherings.

Together, we will work on what’s bothering you. Working in a virtual environment is effective, however, our connection is the same as in-person.

Let’s connect and get to work: (831) 204-0323. You choose the place that suits you, and I will show up.