Meet Laura

No Time for Yourself

Social expectations have made separation and isolation the new normal. As if the bar wasn’t high enough for us mammas, now we are tasked with solely depending on our immediate family unit. FOR EVERYTHING.

The days swirl together in a familiar, useless pattern.

The 3 minutes you manage to get alone in the bathroom filch the current feeling of lack: lack of fulfillment. Only to be interrupted by pounding on the door for the needs of another. Who has time to think when the stakes have risen to non-stop doing or a complete failure?

I Identify With You!

I see what you are going through. You are more than the doing. Let me help you get past the doing and find time for yourself.

Mothers have many responsibilities, and it is easy to forget about themselves. However, lack of self-care can cause burnout, irritability, and many other emotional and physical problems.

Together, we will work to nourish the hungry parts, so you can live vibrantly, feel alive, and integrate within our modern lifestyle.

Our work calls you to action. Together, we weave through the journey of remembering, recalling the essence that is your shimmer. We work to uncover the needs not met, what areas you attempt to control, and softening your edge toward embracing imperfectly perfect self-acceptance.

The Universe offers experiences to grow, expand, and heal. The time is now to reclaim your fullness and SHINE! Let me be your partner and guide as you explore ways to heal and find time for yourself.

About Me

Long before I became a mamma, I felt the struggle women held in the household. The outward strength and determination were apparent, yet they longed for the softness of being held. Women’s struggle sparked my inquisitive nature and curiosity of the disconnect between actions, feelings, and personal needs.

My professional studies have gravitated toward modalities that focus on attachment, connection, and integration, as I view these as the foundations of our authenticity.

As a lifelong learning student, I am continually reading, attending conferences, connecting with colleagues, and folding in modalities that resonate with restoring wholeness to our living.

Professionally, I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2009 from Argosy University. I have received additional training in Somatic perspectives, earning a certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy from Antioch University, in Santa Barbara, in 2019. This training provided overviews of various somatic theories, including Sensorimotor psychotherapy modalities by Dr. Pat Ogden, Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz, ideas of polyvagal informed therapy by Dr. Stephen Porges, and neural integration perspectives from Dr. Dan Siegel.

Additionally, I have extensive training in modalities specializing in Autism and learning differences, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), and knowledge in PECS (Picture exchange communication).

Outside of the workspace, I LOVE the water and dancing my toes in its refreshment. I also love Yoga and downward dog or practicing Italian while sipping an espresso.