Where is your office?

That’s easy! It’s wherever you are!

Unless we’re engaged in Beach Therapy – in that case, we’ll determine our location when you contact me, but we’ll meet somewhere in the Monterey, California, area.

How long is a session?
You choose! 30 minutes or 50 minutes. Shorter sessions work well for solution-focused folks, while process-oriented individuals tend to prefer a longer session.
What is your cancellation policy?

Our time is valuable, and I respect that.

To support your accountability, I require payment before our session. You can reschedule changes made 24 hours before our session; however, you will not receive reimbursement with less notice.

How do I book an initial appointment?

It’s really simple – very much like online shopping!

Follow the links to contact me. Then select which type of session, pick a day and time, pay, and voilà!

See you at your appointment!

Who do you work with?
Women, thinking about or in the throes of mamahood. Of course, if this isn’t you and you vibe with my presence, I’d be delighted to work with you, too! Exceptions, I do not work with individuals under 18 years old.
How long will this take?
Like snowflakes, we’re all unique. There’s no magic number; rather, your intuition and sense of embodied change will be our guide.
Will there be “homework”?

Our sessions aren’t like traditional school in which you complete something, and I mark it with a check in my book. It’s a process.

I may offer specific reflections in between our appointments, as well as share resources like books, podcasts, or products.

Your participation is voluntary.

What modalities do you use?
My approach favors attachment theories while sprinkling in integrative modalities such as polyvagal theory and the interneurobiological approach.
What should I wear to an appointment?
Video conferencing can only capture so much; however, please be considerate of your location and attire. No bathrooms or PJs, please! For beach therapy, dress in things you’d be okay with getting sandy and wet.
Seaside or mountains?
Yes, to the outdoors! I gravitate to the fluidity of the sea while being grounded by tall mounds of earth. The outdoors holds such magical energy!