Individual Sessions

This is for you…

You alone. A space to be raw, without judgments of the thoughts of resentments of jealousy, of shame.

In this space, we explore the specifics that “aren’t working” anymore, gain awareness of what is lacking, and empower you to write a new script to live.

The Blame Game

You are alone in reinforcing values. You are alone in taking total care of others’ well-being. You alone continually question your decisions, wobbling back and forth within your convictions. It is exhausting. There isn’t a moment to prioritize you, having become intertwined with “doing-ness” in living.

And yet, somewhere in the shadows of your being, you KNOW there is more to living than this.

Each day starts with a new affirmation to ‘doing it differently,’ yet you find yourself stuck on the same ol’ hamster wheel. The tricks you used before to propel you out of stagnation aren’t working.

As the first dive into a swimming pool, uncertainties of the unknown can be scary. Too often, this fear paralyzes us from taking domain over our livelihood. Engaging in activities that support your inner well-being is not “weak” or “selfish.” Instead, it models your sense of worth, both to your Self and others.

Freedom Awaits

Take a deep, easy breath – awakening with a sense of aliveness.

When not tethered to our anchors, we allow the space between light and refreshing, rather than hard and demanding.

We see others in a different, softer way. We are more loving. We have more space for you to radiant the glow within.

Rediscover your inner compass.

Showing up is the first step toward being the change you wish to see.

Through our compassionate exploration, you rediscover your inner compass while gaining courage for YOU to be seen.

No finger-pointing. No blaming. Like flipping through a scrapbook, we examine the experiences that have molded your presence.

We question the current validity of skills previously needed for survival and explore how we can soften how we allow others to see us. No perfection. No expectations. Showing up, at this moment, to be seen, held, and heard as your Self.

Time to invest in You

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