The Artist Way

Like seasons, so to do the workshops. Check back often for most current offerings.

The world appears dull, lackluster. A frosted lens colors the vibrancy that you experience as daily living. You long to “do something different”, but what?

“Am I good enough?”

You envy the carefree attitude of youth, yet secretly long to reconnect with your playfulness. To spend time engaged in soul-filling actions for the sole purpose of joy.

Well, why wait? Allow your inner-child to be heard.

Invitation to Play

A perpetual state of worry is not a good living place.

Sharing in a safe space, to drop the responsibilities of others, and to be held and seen and heard is a self-nourishing requirement.

In this 12-week exploration, we will be rediscovering, inviting, and playing with, your inner creative. We will explore ways you have hidden, pushed down, or ignored your inner calling, acknowledging the importance of honoring our creative, and integration into everyday life.

You Deserve Wholeness

We will be following the outlined path from the book The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. Purchase of the book is required, and separate from cost of the workshop. Meeting time will be Friday’s from 7:00-9:00am PST, (recorded), beginning first week in March 2022.

Space is limited to foster an intimate processing group. Cost is $300, that can be broken into monthly payments.

Reconnect with your creative and play. Sessions are coaching in nature. No diagnostics or procedural codes for insurance billing will be provided.

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