The Magic


Innate curiosity and wonder drive my experiences.

My professional approach is a natural derivative of my organic person.

The heart of how I show up hinges on connection – with ourselves, others, and the world.

Science shows us that our nervous system becomes entangled with Life, far beyond what we can perceive with our eyes and mind alone.

When we acknowledge our interdependence upon the collective, we naturally expand to align our whole Selves with the pulse of Life.

Personal Passions

We are humans, having these living experiences within a force much more extensive than ourselves.

I support alternative viewpoints that strive to bring our Whole Self into harmony. I weave the Whole Self’s concept into sessions through topics such as the affects of grounding, our chakra system, feminine and masculine energies, the importance of sleep, and the use of non-toxic living.

Any of the potential themes mentioned may surface in our work together. The intention is to break apart the illusion of separateness and nourish integrated connectivity to reclaim your shimmer.

Natural States

Outside of sessions, one might find me shopping the local farmers’ markets, walking barefoot in our backyard while diffusing essential oils in the living room. These activities work for me in honoring my connection to the greater whole.

What works for me does not have to be your plan, not even close!

In offering information, we can make informed decisions on aspects that support our values, reflect on what might be out of alignment, and work with the energy of Life.

Compassionate curiosity lends itself to the magic of connection.

Those connections, lost within and outside of ourselves, can cultivate a new aliveness – one that calls you to shine.

There is no perfect way, no perfect method. With an openness, you can explore our interconnectedness.

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