The Garden

The Garden: A place to nurse, nourish and hold your feminine.

Women, you are not alone. The pull to be everything to everybody is a tension you feel will soon break you.

Job, children, partner, and other demands on your time can leave no time for you.

Women share a common bond. There is no need to go it alone, especially when comfort from others offers relief.

Group work offers a deep connection with other women in support and nourishment toward living where you are feeling depleted.


This group coaching session is for women who would benefit from interacting with other spirited women.

Group sessions are for 60 minutes, meeting once per week for 4 weeks. Each new group will begin in alignment of the first new moon of the month, in support of our Universal connection. Contact for specific dates. Sessions will be recorded for access at your availability.

These closed group sessions call upon seeing the feminine energy in action. In a patriarchal society, the maternal energy becomes hardened. At present, this energy leans on fortifying expectations, being the emotional regulator, and continually placing others’ needs before your own, over being the fluidity that the feminine energy is.

The work within a group of other women calls us to unite among our commonalities versus a perceived competition.

The group will examine how our belief systems hold us hostage to the patriarchal domain, identify and reclaim our needs, and recognize the shifts that unfold.

Regain your energy.

Group coaching for women offers collective interactions that will free you from your doing self to live your life in vibrancy.

Reclaim your energy and voice your concerns. Cost is one time payment of $350. Sessions are coaching in nature. No diagnostics or procedural codes for insurance billing will be provided.

Call now for a free 15-minute consultation. (831) 204-0323