I’m Laura, a psychologist, radical mamma, beloved partner, worshiper of Gaia, living a Mediterranean lifestyle.

I help others turn down the noise of busyness so you can hear your Essential Nature by speaking about the unfiltered realness of motherhood.


I offer an energetic perspective across all things related to the unfolding journey within mothering.

Given our culture doesn’t outwardly value the receptive femininity of mamahood, this adds an extra weight. We begin to change this by awareness and acknowledgement.

Folks that resonate with my approach lean towards high achieving, open-minded, curious explorers, with a propensity towards holistic health and attachment style parenting.


Mamahood doesn’t come with a manual.

Are you looking for a speaker or panelist for your next event? Let me know! I LOVE to connect, especially discussing passionate topics that have the power to change lives.

Fostering Change

My role is to help you deeply connect with the Feminine energy that grows within you. When we nurture our roots, we begin to be the change we seek through others.

Contact me today! You play a vital role. (831) 204-0323