It’s time to unplug & recharge.

Take a 7-day retreat in Sardinia, Italy.

The Dread

Life has piled up.

The pull is to disconnect yet not to check out mentally.

Your being is calling for an escape to reclaim yourself through re-integration rather than check off your core values boxes (e.g., healthy diet, exercise, work-life balance, etc.).

Life Source

Individual core energy requires attention, stoking that internal flame with intentional care.

Expanding individual awareness creates awareness of one’s surroundings.

Awe questions, does this align with my life source?

Stepping back from an individualistic lens develops a connection with THE life source.

Farm to Table Experience

In synergy with the food movement (of the same name), we can reflect on how this philosophy is present throughout our daily routine.

When we take time to reconnect with our values, we experience vibrancy from being re-energized.

Awareness is great, but sometimes we need an embodied experience. So, pack your bags and grab your passport!

Sardinia, Italy (the other Italian island!) awaits!

Join us in a farm-to-table experience as we have Sardinian cultural experiences.

Sardinia is one of the actual Blue Zones (scientific study for areas with high concentrations of centenarians). It is worth gaining a glimpse into the secrets to longevity.

The retreat offers….

7 days of daily group processing sessions (2 hours each); daily 2–4 hour excursions in understanding the care required for the creation of a variety of experiences (e.g., riding wild horses, cooking lessons, Nuraghe tour, beach day, winemaking tour and local festivals); and daily group dinners.

Some add-ons include…

yoga practices, breathwork classes, individual therapy sessions, and healing music sessions.

Sardinia Awaits!

Relax and recharge as you experience great food and the culture of Sardinia.

Mysteries to a long, productive, and peaceful life awaits you. Learn Sardinia’s secrets.

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