Mothering in the 21st Century

The daily hustle.

This sh** is hard!

Screen time, organic snacks, allowing big emotions, and the juggling act of doing it perfectly or the fear of failure as a badge of personal accomplishment create an impossibly heavy load to carry.

Living in this cycle is not sustainable and places an imbalance to other relationships that require your presence – your partnership, career, spirituality, being a daughter, healthy living, personal needs, and growth.

Do you get the drift?

You’ve outgrown your container.

Reading the child development books didn’t help. Daily workouts didn’t cut it. Complaining to your friends or life partner didn’t change your internal landscape.

You are stuck! You live from a place that restricts your sense of full aliveness, caught in the cycle of feeding the ever ravenous states of fear and shame for not having “enough” (insert your descriptor) to deal with this yourself.

Staying stagnate is like a houseplant that has outgrown its pot, yet you deny it space and freedom to spread out by placing it in a bigger container.

This is the opportunity to support that transplant into a nourishing foundation to spread out and reclaim your living.

You are worthy.

Like the last few pounds of baby weight, old habits die hard.

While our mind tells us to “do things differently,” the intertwined, thoughtless embodied response replays the script developed earlier.

When we befriend our whole Selves, we drop our guard, and authentic change can happen.

Acknowledging your own needs and rediscovering your value is the reset that is needed.

Lift your burden.

You are not alone to carry the weight of your world.

Let me be your partner as we work together to find your balance and time to meet your needs.

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