February 13, 2022

For the folks that resonate with these writings, they ascribe to the notion of an inherent mystery or magic held in life.  Thus, the quest of “how to align with magic?”, unfolds.  Before sharing a witnessing of magic, lets unpack an understanding of our own energetic resonance.  We are energetic and magnetic beings, that attract what belief is in the driver seat-love or fear.  Often, we try to control this, where we are telling ourselves we are in the loving, yet haven’t really addressed our core fears. The Universe knows and is not easily fooled. Getting to know our love and fear, requires that we peel back the layers to our beliefs and conditional paradigms, to our present moment, with the overarching question of “How did we get here?”

Before the magic example, I think it is important to note the mantra I had recently adopted before this witnessing.  It is from Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss and doors will open where there weren’t doors before.”  From this lens, we can see the magic that surrounds us-if we use this lens. So, here’s what was witnessed.  I had just given a drink to my 7YO, and within minutes, it was spilled all over the ground. Well, I was resonating from a place of fear-an unrelated event- and I yelled. A lot.  As my daughter left crying, I followed and apologized. I want her to feel safe to make mistakes. The yelling was my attempt to quite my own fear when it became triggered by a sense of waste.  As I apologized for my shaming tone, my daughter softened and her crying halted. She left off the couch and over to the play area, holding a wooden lid.  I could see the wheels turning when she announced, “I know! I’ll make a table!” Then preceded to make a table, fitting for the size and space required to hold her drink and resume her play. Whoa!

Rational thought may view this as good problem solving or resilience. And yes, it is those things.  However, at a deeper level, she was able to respond to these ways because she was coming from love.  She was following her bliss.

With slight and subtle shift to our perspective, we can observe, witness, and experience magic and mystery that surrounds us.  Are you willing to see differently?

~Light & love

Dr. Laura